Monday, January 4, 2010

Talk About Twitter

It has been brought to my attention that I have shared little (actually nothing) about Twitter. Well, I will take care of that now. Twitter is an interesting tool. I use it, but not frequently and not actively. I am a passive Twitter user. A follower. I follow a number of sites on a daily basis but I do not add tweets. I just read what is presented. I do have an account and I even have a few followers. Why I don't know, since I don't add to my page! It is a strange thing to get an email saying so-and-so is following you, when you have no idea who that person is or why they are making the effort to follow.

Even as I have been less than enthusiastic about embracing this tool, I am still cognizant of its power. When riots broke out in Iran and the regime in power sought to close outside media access, they could not do so because of Twitter and Facebook. Extraordinary to think that little Tweets could somehow effect the future of governments!

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