Monday, May 10, 2010

23 Things: Postmortem

Wow! What a great experience! Thanks to all involved!

Now to answer the parting questions:

Do I think social media has a future in libraries? Well, yah! It better. If it doesn't, that says more about the future of libraires than the future of social media. If you get my drift.... If libraries are to remain vital segments of society we must keep up with society. We must remain relevant. If we retreat to "tried and true" means of communication and forsake the new and untested, we start down a sad path to unsustainability.

What do I wish FPL was or wasn't doing? Well, I wish we had a few specialty blogs. Maybe genealogy, for instance.

Have I learned anything from the program? To quote Sarah Palin (or was it Tina Fey?), "You bet'cha!"

If so, what? To again quote Sarah Palin, "Oh, lots of stuff." Seriously, what I most enjoy is actually blogging. I never thought I would have my own blog, even if it was work-related.

What could we do better? I can't think of anything offhand. The program was well-thought-out and purposeful. The Things were succinct enough for us to do given our restricted schedules. Bravo!

Perhaps the only thing I can think of doing differently is taking a break about three-quarters of the way through and asking each of us what we enjoyed doing and what we want to continue doing. Then, it would be up to the library admininstration and employees to work out a way to continue using our skills. The most unfortunate outcome of the FPL 23Things program would be to learn new skills but not apply them.

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