Monday, May 3, 2010

RSS and Google Reader Revisited

Time to look back at a Web 2.0 social media of my choice: and I choose co-winners, RSS and Google Reader. I use these more often than any of the other items, so they were a natural choice. I love RSS because the info comes to me... it's pushed ... and I can access it in a timely manner. What do I access? Well, I get stuff from ESPN (They have a big site and they push lots of stuff!) Using Google Reader, I follow Un-Shushed. I was fascinated by Edward the Emu's story. Poor critter doesn't want to be an emu anymore. Can you blame him? Oops, I digress.... I get stuff from 23Things. (My favorite, of course!) I subscribe to stuff about museums. I follow a couple of bloggers that I met at a state museum gathering earlier this year. Library organizations send me info. ALA sends stuff my way, too. Because one of my responsibilities at the Library is to apply for grants, I subscribed to a couple of grant sites. It's a good way to keep on top of different grantmakers and their deadlines.

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